Our Ottawa needs public toilets: Raising public awareness through the arts

Safe, clean and accessible public toilets is fundamentally a public health issue and they are essential public infrastructure in maintaining a healthy society. The project, funded by the Ottawa Community Foundation through the support of Social Planning Council, aims to raise public awareness and challenge the public misperceptions about public toilets in Ottawa by engaging with artists and the community. 

Access to public toilets is a universal need and a basic human right. The project brings together grassroots groups – GottaGo! and Ottawa’s local artists – to intensify advocacy and transcend barriers to public toilets. The main purpose is to raise public awareness by fostering community solidarity around improving access for a network of safe, clean and accessible public toilets in the city. Based on the innovative and successful campaign “My Winnipeg Includes Public Toilets,”(2019), GottaGo! Campaign will adapt the campaign for virtual platforms, given COVID restrictions. GottaGo! will engage local artists to come up with creative art works in raising civic awareness of the need for public toilets in the city. We will do this in partnership with The Art House Café, a community art hub.