January 2014

Ottawa Citizen, January 28, 2014 “It’s a Public Health Issue
CBC Ottawa Morning, January 29, 2014 “It’s Not your Typical Rallying Cry

February 2014

Ottawa East News. February 20, 2014, Organization wants more public restrooms in the City; Gotta Go! campaign looking for resident feedback on locations, needs, ideas for new project

March 2014

Citizens Academy Blog, March 18, 2014 When You Gotta Go!

April 2014 

JustChange Eighth Award Grant winner, April 2, 2014
Octopus Books events. April 16, 2014, Lunch time Roundtable: GottaGo! Public Toilet Campaign
CBC Ottawa Morning, April 16, 2014. Taking the Fight for More Public Toilets to City Hall
580 CFRA, Rick Gibbons,April 16, 2014
580 CFRA, Ron Corbett, Unscripted, phone-in, April 16, 2014
Ottawa Star, Ellen O’Connor, April 17, 2014, “When you Gotta-Go
Centretown News Online, Taylor Craig, April 17, 2014, Group Pushes for More Public Toilets
Ottawa Sun, Ron Corbett, April 20, 2014, Gotta Go Group Pushes for Public Toilets on LRT
580 CFRA. Ron Corbett, Unscripted, Phone-in, April 21, 2014
Ottawa Citizen, April 29, 2014. Joan Kuyek. Op-Ed: Let’s Talk About Our Public Toilets

May 2014

580 CFRA Ron Corbett, May 6, 2014. Measuring the walking distance from two proposed LRT stations to the nearest public toilet (12 minutes from Lyon, 5.5 minutes from Ottawa University!)

CTV News at 6, May 7, 2014. The GottaGo!Campaign for Public Toilets (print version) and (video version) . The story included a quick poll: “Do you think there are enough public washrooms in downtown Ottawa?” 1658 responses, 195 (12%) said “yes” and 1463 (88%) said “no”

Canada AM, May 8,2014. The GottaGo!Campaign for Public Toilets (print version)

August 2014

CBC Morning North, August 1, 2014. Public Washroom maps point to accessible facilities. Story about the mapping of accessible toilets in Sault Ste. Marie including comments from GottaGo! chair.

CBC Manitoba. Morning Show. August 26, 2014. Radio interview with Chair Joan Kuyek re: need for public toilets in downtown Winnipeg.

September 2014

580 CFRA, Ron Corbett, September 22, 2014. Phone in about toilets on LRT line.

CTV News at 6 (at minute 18:11). coverage of our press conference  about releasing the 1000 signature petition and Rachel Canham report.

October 2014

Carleton Now, October 2014 edition. Kristy Wallace. GottaGo! Campaign Highlights need for more public toilets. About the Rachel Canham report.

Centretown News. Aidan Geary. October 23, 2014. Group Lobbies for Toilet in Park. About Dundonald Park Campaign (#TP4DP)

November  2014

Glebe Report. Joan Kuyek. November 17, 2014. GottaGo! Celebrates World Toilet Day. An update on support for the GottaGo! campaign.

December 2014

Ottawa Citizen. Tom Spears.December 9, 2014. When There’s No Relief in Sight. Carleton Study finds there is a need for more public toilets.

January-February 2015.

Ottawa Citizen. February 2, 2015. Cathleen Kneen. Provide Safe, Accessible LRT Toilets. Great letter to the editor!

Centretown News. Carole Boeira. February 10, 2015. Campaign for a Public Toilet in Dundonald Park is Getting Some Relief.

Westside Action. Gotta go pee!

“As a society, we have a major aversion to acknowledging that people gotta go pee. Or poo. And that this happens when people are outside of the home. Like at transit stations. Or touristing in a city.” Excellent blog and good comments.

Mid- February 2015. The Ottawa Raging Grannies bring their humourous approach to the City’s budget consultations.

February 19, 2015, CFRA Lunch Bunch (podcast- minute 21:26 to 26:53) Host Rick Gibbons, CTV News Anchor Carol Anne Meehan and City Hall Bureau Chief Joanne Chianello talk very supportively about the GottaGo! campaign

February 21, 2015. Joanne Chianello. OttawaCitizen, page 2. GottaGo is lobbying the city to provide more public toilets. A very supportive article about our efforts to influence the city during the budget consultations. “to many people, it’s a no-brainer. How can we not offer up this basic service, at least in places where no other option exists.”

February 21. Jon Willing. GottaGo! group urges City to spend on more public loos  “The year-old GottaGo campaign is trying a new tactic this winter: Flooding the budget process at City Hall. Council members are seeing a lot of Joan Kuyek, the chairwoman of the group advocating for more public toilets. It’s budget time and Kuyek is hitting up every committee that has any kind of connection to public washrooms.” The GottaGo! CoreTeam has been everywhere this month: leafletting, speaking at meetings and lobbying Councillors.

And then the Ottawa Sun comes out with this editorial, opposing public toilets in new LRT stations, but supporting the idea of having businesses in the stations that could provide the toilets in return for a tax subsidy. That might work, as long as the toilets are accessible, open when the station is, and available to anyone who needs them, not just cutomers.

February 25, 2015.

Ottawa Sun. Danielle Dube. GottaGo! Carleton Students Design Innovative Public Potties. “As part of a class project in collaboration with the GottaGo! campaign, 48 students were divided into 8 teams and came up with public washroom designs for some of Ottawa’s highest-traffic locations. Their scale models were presented to students and faculty Wednesday.”

Radio 1310. Talk with Bjarki Hallgrimson of Carleton University School of Industrial Desgin about the student projects (MP3 version available)

All in A Day on CBC Radio. Talking with the students about their design projects. (MP3 version available)

March , 2015

March 2, 2015. CKCU Radio with Adam Coombs. (MP3 version available)

March 14, 2015.  Tayler Meagher. Viewpoint: Businesses Need More Public Toilets .Centretown News.

March 19, 2015. Matthew Pearson. Seniors Strategy should include More Public Washrooms, meeting hears. Ottawa Citizen

March 31, 2015. Welcome to My World interview on CKCU radio.

April- May 2015

May 24, 2015. Ottawa Community News. City’s Gotta Go with More Public Toilets: McKenney. Councillor Catherine Mckenney talks about the need for more open public toilets in City parks.

June-July- August 2015

June 21, 2015. Ritchie, Haley. Ottawa Metro. Where to go when you gotta go:city working on creating app that locates the nearest public washroom.

July 7, 2015. Andre Picard. The Globe and Mail. An Urgent Matter: More Public Washrooms

July 8, 2015. Joan Kuyek.the Globe and Mail. If you gotta go. Letter in response to Picard column.

July 10, 2015. Emma Jackson. Ottawa Community News. Transit Toilets to Offer Sweet Relief.

August 26, 2015. CBC News. Public Washroom App could Launch by Summer 2016.

August 26, 2015. Adam Feibel. The Ottawa Citizen. City Committee to Consider Ottawa Washroom Finder App.

May 2016.

Media coverage of the Flushing Inequality report release, May 4-5, 2016:

And in Carleton news :



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