More portable toilets and signs pointing the way: surely the City can do this?

September 29, 2017.

GottaGo! is aware that the discussions for the 2018-2021 City budget are really heating up.

We have been hearing from many Ottawa residents that they are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of public toilets in the city, at major transit stops, in parks and in other spaces. Please call your City Councillor(s) and let them know how you feel.

Having toilets in hub stations of the LRT phases one and two, and having an app that directs people to existing municipal toilets is a step, but certainly not enough. Especially when 47% of the existing toilets are closed most of the time, and when there is no directional signage.

More easy-to-find public toilets are a necessity in a city with an aging population.

Over the past three years, GottaGo! has attempted to accommodate City budget restraints by reducing our ask to more portable toilets in seasonal parks and splash pads, signage pointing to existing public toilets, and a requirement for sports teams to pay for portable toilets when they use City property.

Even these limited inexpensive requests have been ignored, and we are fed up.

There is growing public and media awareness about the need for public toilets throughout the province. There have been numerous news stories and op-eds recently calling for more public toilets, including the five linked below.

The pressure will only build over the three-year term of the next budget and the City should be ready to meet the demands of citizens for these toilets.