Get Involved

Post pictures of yourself and/or locations across the city where you think there needs to be a public washroom.

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Spread the word

Post pictures to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by searching GottaGo Campaign and spread the word through your social network.

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Write letter to the City

Help us put pressure on the City and National Capital Commission (NCC) about our proposal: feel free to use this sample letter as a reference.

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The “GottaGo!” campaign aims to create a network of safe, free, clean and environmentally responsible public toilets and water fountains that are accessible to persons of all abilities in parks, major transit stops and key public places to meet the needs of residents and tourists in Canada’s Capital City.

The Ottawa Police Service agrees that toilets located in public or commercial settings can be inclusive and safe environments. They can be facilities that patrons feel confident to use, are easy to maintain, and are resource efficient.

Why we need a network of public toilets

In a city such as Ottawa the needs of tourists, outdoor activities of families, an aging population and people with disabilities, and the need to ensure effective public health combine to demonstrate that a network of safe, clean, accessible and environmentally responsible public toilets are essential. There are effective public toilet programs in other capitals like Tokyo, Paris, London, Christchurch and Seoul. Which of us has not been caught short by our need for a toilet?